Take a Walk Through Our Plant

You know the products, you know your pets love them – and now we want you to have a sneak peek into what we do at the Jimbo’s factory. Check out the video here to take a walk through our plant and learn more about the quality of our factory and the processes behind our premium pet food products. Please note that since this video was made, in addition to our locally sourced NZ meat, we’ve been getting Kangaroo meat from Australia.

We have been in business for almost 50 years. This vast experience in the industry has been applied to ensuring our plant, machinery and equipment is of the highest standard. We have qualified, dedicated butchers trimming meat to create cuts you could find on your own dinner table. Our Quality Controller is here five days a week to ensure that each and every pack of Jimbo’s going out to supermarkets is of the same high standards we expect of all our pet food. We even voluntarily run a risk management program which sees that we are independently, regularly audited, and our premises is licensed for export.
Premium Quality Meat
Quality Control
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